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Brigg Evans Design, LLC

Personalize and Design your Tea Towel Class

Personalize and Design your Tea Towel Class

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Welcome to the world of Tea Towel Personalization for Gifting! This class is your guide to the art of creating unique and thoughtful tea towels that make for perfect gifts on any occasion. Tea towels are more than just kitchen essentials; they can be transformed into personalized and memorable tokens of affection. Creating a personalized tea towel that blends functionality with personalized style.


Thee..."Family Scared Recipe"

Thee..."Best Vacation Ever"

Thee..."Newest addition to the family"

Thee..."Best phrase that describes you to a tee."

Thee..."Housewarming gift for the New Kitchen Remodel"


Steps are:

1. Buy a digital class (2hr session with Suz)

2. Pick a time to work 2 hrs with Suz. We can do side by side or remote via Zoom.

3. Choose a design or concept and discuss with Suz what will be needed to set up a digital creative file. Decide what type of Tea Towel Textile you would like. I like the Linen/Cotton/Canvas Blend - or we can find other options together.

4. Set up your account and order your towel. This is all done in the class time. Any quantity from 1 or more towel/s can be ordered. The Tea Towel costs will be actual cost no mark-ups will be used.

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