Gift Idea: A personalized tea towel class

Gift Idea: A personalized tea towel class

Unlock the world of bespoke kitchen artistry in our " Personalized Tea Towel workshop", where you'll delve into the craft of creating a personalized tea towel that blends functionality with personalized style. In this digital 1 to 2 person class, participants will bring in their creative art in digital form to create textile customization, turning ordinary tea towels into unique and cherished keepsakes. If you have a photograph, all is good. I'll scan the photo and make a digital file for you.


  1. Bring in a family recipe to place on the tea towel.
  2. Bring in a special saying or phrase that says "you" when friends and family read it.
  3. Bring in a special picture or piece of art that you have photographed and we can scan and use in the creative digital file.
  4. Bring in a special VaCa picture that you can share with family and friends.
  5.  etc...The ideas are limitless.

The class is all about merging images and putting them into a digital format so we can set up a printing format for you to send out to have these tea towels printed just the way you want it. Great Gifts

Take a Class with me. The cost of the tea towel will be the raw cost of the product where you decide to have it processed. I'll help you get signed up and you can take it from there. Order 1 unit or as many units as you want.

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