Cuddle, Cozy and Coordinate

Cuddle, Cozy and Coordinate

"Cuddle, Cozy and Coordinate" is a playful and endearing phrase that suggests creating a cozy and harmonious environment while still maintaining a sense of order and coordination in your decor. It's a concept that combines comfort and style to create a welcoming and visually pleasing space. Don't stop there, add a journal a beverage and just get in that Cozy pretty space ... JUST FOR YOU!  Take a look at what I'm doing with my serti-batik designs and the products that can be created with them. Below are links that will help you get to your ... Cuddle, Cozy but Coordinated Space.

This design is called: Kaleidoscope:

Journal Link

Square Pillow Cover - Spoonflower Link

Soft Blanket Throw - Spoonflower Link

Textile Wall Hanging - Spoonflower Link

Create and Breathe Mug Link


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